Movie Musing is an outlet to discuss and debate current and classic cinema. Our goals are to share our knowledge of film and to find people with unique perspectives- this way we can learn more about the world of movies and what movies can tell us about the real world.

Quentin Hoffman
Quentin has loved movies ever since his dad would watch silent movies with him as a kid. He became especially interested in learning about cinema after hearing stories from his Sunday School teacher who was an Academy Award-nominated visual artist. After working on student films in college and joining his university’s film society, he found that the only thing better than seeing a great movie is discussing one. He has written for the EPA, the American Diabetes Association, and many small businesses.

Fun fact: I was an extra in the movie Lincoln. I’ve never seen myself, but I swear you can hear me lead the “Postpone the vote!” chant during the Constitution Hall climax. Take that, Daniel Day-Lewis!

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Mark Febrizio
As far back as he can remember, Mark was captivated by movies, particularly classic mystery-suspense films from Alfred Hitchcock. Until college, Mark was a relatively passive viewer, but he has more recently begun to critically engage with others about the themes and qualities of film. Mark still loves mystery-suspense films and has grown to enjoy crime dramas, film noir, and psychological thrillers. He’s primarily drawn to the narrative elements, writing, and character development in film and TV.

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